Johnson's Baby Powder is a trusted item that's been an integral part of families for generations. This mild and soothing powder has been created to protect the delicate skin of the baby. It has a silky smooth texture. it can help prevent and treat diaper rash, bringing relief and comfort to your baby.

This baby powder has been dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for even more sensitive skin. It's made of top-quality ingredients to ensure that it is able to absorb excess moisture while keeping your baby's skin dry and soft. 

Johnson's Baby Powder is a timeless favorite that parents can count in to ensure their child's skin is clean and free of irritation.

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Baby Care


Zeamays Starch, Talcum Powder



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Prescription Required



Johnson & Johnson

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Pack of 200g powder

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  • Use: Johnson's Baby Powder is used primarily to treat or prevent diaper rash on the bottoms of infants as well as the genital area. It is also employed to keep baby's skin comfortable and dry in other areas that are susceptible to build-up of moisture.
  • Storage: To ensure the effectiveness and freshness for the merchandise, keep it at a temperature that is cool, dry location. Avoid the direct sunlight and humid conditions.
  • Habit Formation: Johnson's Baby Powder isn't habit-forming. It can be used when required without risk of dependence.
  • Sedation The product is not sedative in any way. effects. It is a powder for topical use designed for external use only.
  • Children's safety: Johnson's Baby Powder is made with the greatest attention to the safety of your baby. It is tested rigorously to ensure that it is safe and does not cause irritation to babies' delicate skin.
  • Route of Administration Johnson's Baby Powder is intended for external usage only. It is recommended to apply it directly to the skin avoid contact with mouth and eyes.
  • skin irritation : In rare instances there are instances where people have mild skin irritation while making use of baby powder. If irritation is observed, stop use and consult with a medical expert.
  • Allergic reactions : Even though Johnson's Baby Powder is hypoallergenic, there's still a chance of experiencing having an allergy. If you observe any indications of an allergic reaction, like redness, itching or swelling, you should stop use of the powder and seek medical assistance.
  • Johnson's Baby Powder safe to use for babies?

    Johnson's Baby Powder is safe for babies. It has been specially designed for gentle use on sensitive baby skin.

    Is it possible to apply Johnson's Baby Powder on my baby's face?

    It is best not to apply it on the face of your child's face to avoid the risk of inhalation. Instead apply it to areas that are prone to moisture accumulation.

    When should I use Johnson's Baby Powder?

    It can be applied as required, particularly after changing diapers or if your baby's skin gets damp.

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