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Azocam Cap 250mg 10's
MRP Rs.220 5% off Rs.209
Azocam DS Cap 3's
Azocam Susp 200Mg/5Ml 15Ml
MRP Rs.110 5% off Rs.105
Camovit-L Drops 20ml
MRP Rs.54 4% off Rs.52
Camozyme Syp 120ml
Ciprocam Cap 250mg 1x10's
MRP Rs.100 5% off Rs.95
Ciprocam Cap 500mg 1x10's
MRP Rs.200 5% off Rs.190
Essocam Tab 20mg 2x7's
MRP Rs.119 4% off Rs.114
Essocam Tab 40mg 2x7's
MRP Rs.198 5% off Rs.189
Folic Acid Tab 5mg 100's (Chas. A Mendoza)
MRP Rs.30 5% off Rs.28.50
Heptocam Cap 3x10's
Heptocam Susp 60ml
MRP Rs.72 6% off Rs.68
Hydrolyte Sol 500ml
MRP Rs.80 5% off Rs.76
MRP Rs.180 5% off Rs.171
Malagon Al Forte Tab 40Mg/240Mg
MRP Rs.264 5% off Rs.251
Malagon Tab 500Mg/25Mg
MRP Rs.51 4% off Rs.49
Mecocam Inj 500mcg 10Ampx1ml
MRP Rs.250 5% off Rs.238
Mecocam Tab 500mcg 2x10's
MRP Rs.110 5% off Rs.105
Mendozaplex Inj 25Ampx2ml
MRP Rs.69 4% off Rs.66
MRP Rs.40 5% off Rs.38
Nomit Tab 10Mg
MRP Rs.150 5% off Rs.143
Poloron Syp 50mg/5ml 60ml
MRP Rs.88 5% off Rs.84
Poloron Tab 1x10's
MRP Rs.88 5% off Rs.84

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