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Acelo SR Cap 200mg 30's
MRP Rs.265 5% off Rs.251.75
Acelo Tab 100mg 30's
MRP Rs.150 5% off Rs.142.50
Calzem SR Tab 90mg 20's
MRP Rs.200 5% off Rs.190
Calzem Tab 30mg 30's
MRP Rs.135 5% off Rs.128.25
Capril Tab 25mg 100's
MRP Rs.488 5% off Rs.463.60
Capril Tab 50mg 10's
MRP Rs.100 5% off Rs.95
Esomap Cap 20mg 14's
MRP Rs.170 5% off Rs.161.50
Gastrosil Syp 120ml
Glyrate SR Tab 6.4mg 30's
MRP Rs.185 5% off Rs.175.75
Kofless Syp 120ml
Levolife Tab 250mg 10's
MRP Rs.113.50 5% off Rs.107.83
Levolife Tab 500mg 10's
MRP Rs.185 5% off Rs.175.75
Levolife Tab 750mg 10's
MRP Rs.289.50 5% off Rs.275.03
Lipotrim Tab 10mg 10's
MRP Rs.175 5% off Rs.166.25
Lipotrim Tab 40mg 10's
MRP Rs.350 5% off Rs.332.50
Lipotrim-EZ Tab 10mg/10mg 10's
MRP Rs.190 5% off Rs.180.50
Losaan-H Tab 50mg/12.5mg 20's
MRP Rs.320 5% off Rs.304
Megab Cap 150mg 14's
MRP Rs.400 5% off Rs.380
Perkup Syp 120ml
MRP Rs.180 5% off Rs.171
Rostatin Tab 10mg 10's
MRP Rs.200 5% off Rs.190

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