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Aciloc Cap 20mg 14's
MRP Rs.112 4% off Rs.107
Alten Tab 10mg 1x10's
MRP Rs.43 5% off Rs.41
B.E.S Eye Sol 500ml
MRP Rs.387 5% off Rs.367
Ciprofena Drops 0.3% 5ml
MRP Rs.100 5% off Rs.95
Ciprofena Inj 200mg 1Vialx100ml
MRP Rs.165 5% off Rs.157
Ciprofena Tab 250mg 10's
MRP Rs.130 5% off Rs.124
Ciprofena Tab 500mg 10's
MRP Rs.215 5% off Rs.205
Epogen Inj 10000IU 1Vial
MRP Rs.4,500 32% off Rs.3,050
Epogen Inj 2000IU 1Vial
MRP Rs.1,084 5% off Rs.1,030
Epogen Inj 4000IU 1Vial
MRP Rs.2,000 5% off Rs.1,900
Erycina Tab 250mg 10x10’s
MRP Rs.315 5% off Rs.300
Erycina Tab 500mg 10x10’s
MRP Rs.552 5% off Rs.525
Ezimax Tab 250mg 1x10’s
MRP Rs.250 5% off Rs.238
Fresofol Inj 1% 5Ampx20ml
Haemomed Concentrate Sol 10ltr
MRP Rs.811 5% off Rs.771
Haemomed Concentrate Sol 4ltr
MRP Rs.375 5% off Rs.357
Irrigation Set (TSD)
MRP Rs.190 5% off Rs.181
Laevulose Inf 5% 1000ml
MRP Rs.76 4% off Rs.73
Leovin Inj 500mg 1Vialx100ml
MRP Rs.842 5% off Rs.800
Leovin Tab 250mg 10's
MRP Rs.95 4% off Rs.91
Leovin Tab 500mg 10's
MRP Rs.160 5% off Rs.152

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