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Afloxan Cap 150mg 2x10's
MRP Rs.218.17 4% off Rs.209.44
Alopra Tab 20mg 1x14's
MRP Rs.258.76 4% off Rs.248.41
Biguanil Tab 250mg 10x10's
MRP Rs.88.29 4% off Rs.84.76
Cyanorin Forte Inj 25Ampx3ml
MRP Rs.259.78 4% off Rs.249.39
Histafex Tab 120mg 1x10's
MRP Rs.103.92 4% off Rs.99.76
Histafex Tab 180mg 1x10's
MRP Rs.165.23 4% off Rs.158.62
Isrip Tab 1mg 10's
MRP Rs.90.41 4% off Rs.86.79
Isrip Tab 2mg 10's
MRP Rs.135.62 4% off Rs.130.20
Isrip Tab 3mg 10's
MRP Rs.203.43 4% off Rs.195.29
Isrip Tab 4mg 10's
MRP Rs.271.23 4% off Rs.260.38
Maiorad Inj 50mg 6Ampx3ml
MRP Rs.72.37 4% off Rs.69.48
Maiorad Tab 100mg 3x10's
MRP Rs.223.51 4% off Rs.214.57
Maltem DS Plus Tab 40mg/240mg 1x8's
MRP Rs.280.84 4% off Rs.269.61
Maltem Plus Tab 1x16's
Metronidazole Tab 100's
Milid Forte Tab 400mg 3x10's
MRP Rs.125.02 4% off Rs.120.64
Mingair Tab 10mg 14's
MRP Rs.323.05 4% off Rs.310.13
Mingair Tab 5mg 14's
MRP Rs.250.10 4% off Rs.240.10
Moxilium Cap 250mg 20's
MRP Rs.72.43 4% off Rs.69.53
Moxilium Cap 500mg 20's
MRP Rs.168.49 4% off Rs.161.75
MRP Rs.24.75 4% off Rs.23.76

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