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Aerocef Cap 400mg 5's
MRP Rs.249 5% off Rs.236.55
Aerocef DS Susp 200mg/5ml 30ml
MRP Rs.150 5% off Rs.142.50
Aerocef Susp 100mg/5ml 30ml
MRP Rs.119 5% off Rs.113.05
Aminocid Syp 120ml
MRP Rs.90 5% off Rs.85.50
Azene Cap 20mg 14's
MRP Rs.83 5% off Rs.78.85
Azit Susp 200mg/5ml 15ml
MRP Rs.119.90 5% off Rs.113.91
Calgesic Tab 550mg 20's
MRP Rs.143 5% off Rs.135.85
Catex Inj 200mg 1Vialx100ml
MRP Rs.120 5% off Rs.114
Catex Tab 250mg 10's
MRP Rs.98 5% off Rs.93.10
Catex Tab 500mg 10's
MRP Rs.180 5% off Rs.171
Cestonil Syp 0.5mg/10ml 120ml
MRP Rs.59.90 5% off Rs.56.91
Cestonil Syp 0.5mg/10ml 60ml
MRP Rs.36.12 5% off Rs.34.31
Cestonil Tab 0.5mg 30'sCestonil Tab 0.5mg 30's
MRP Rs.100 5% off Rs.95
Clarx Susp 125mg/5ml 60ml
MRP Rs.223 5% off Rs.211.85
Clarx Tab 250mg 10's
MRP Rs.189 5% off Rs.179.55
Clarx Tab 500mg 10's
MRP Rs.299 5% off Rs.284.05
Corik Tab 50mg 20-sCorik Tab 50mg 20-s
MRP Rs.140 5% off Rs.133
Cyox Inj 1gm 1Vial
MRP Rs.90 5% off Rs.85.50
Cyox Inj 250mg 1Vial
MRP Rs.35 5% off Rs.33.25
Cyox Inj 500mg 1Vial
MRP Rs.57 5% off Rs.54.15

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