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Bamtel Tab 20mg 3x10's
MRP Rs.450 5% off Rs.428
Betazak Tab 8mg 3x10's
Bone-Care Tab 0.5mcg 1x10'sBone-Care Tab 0.5mcg 1x10's
MRP Rs.210 5% off Rs.200
Calsup Tab 3x10's
MRP Rs.130 5% off Rs.124
Cartex Tab 16mg 2x10's
MRP Rs.540 5% off Rs.513
MRP Rs.340 5% off Rs.323
Cartex-H Tab 16mg/12.5mg 2x10's
MRP Rs.560 5% off Rs.532
Ciprol Tab 250mg 1x10's
MRP Rs.122 5% off Rs.116
Cranzak Cap 250mg 1x20's
Dogrel Tab 75mg 2x6's
MRP Rs.220 5% off Rs.209
Ferozak Chewable Tab 5x4's
MRP Rs.218 5% off Rs.208
Flowzak Cap 0.4mg 2x5's
Gemizak Tab 320mg 1x7's
MRP Rs.770 5% off Rs.732
Glemex Tab 1mg 2x10's
MRP Rs.130 5% off Rs.124
Glemex Tab 2mg 2x10's
MRP Rs.200 5% off Rs.190
Glemex Tab 4mg 2x10's
MRP Rs.400 5% off Rs.380
Hestin Tab 10mg 1x10's
Joint Care Tab 2x10's
MRP Rs.474 5% off Rs.451
Lodipin-5 Tab 5mg 2x10's
MRP Rs.175 5% off Rs.166
MRP Rs.159 5% off Rs.151

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