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Bandazole Susp 200mg/5ml 10ml
MRP Rs.25 4% off Rs.24
Bandazole Tab 200mg 2's
MRP Rs.18 6% off Rs.17
Brophyl Syp 125mg/5ml 120ml
Broxol Syp 120ml
MRP Rs.66 5% off Rs.63
Calsid Liq 120ml
MRP Rs.47 4% off Rs.45
MRP Rs.75 4% off Rs.72
Clozim-6 Vag Tab 100mg 6's
MRP Rs.80 5% off Rs.76
Dymin Syp 12.5mg/4ml 60ml
MRP Rs.40 5% off Rs.38
Fenbro 8 Plus Syp 90ml
Fenbro Susp 100mg/5ml 90ml
MRP Rs.36 3% off Rs.35
Ferfolic Cap 200mg/0.1mg 30's
MRP Rs.45 4% off Rs.43
Fervit Syp 120ml
MRP Rs.49 4% off Rs.47
Furamid Susp 60ml
Hex Tab 50mg 10's
MRP Rs.200 5% off Rs.190
Kamic Forte Tab 500mg 100's
MRP Rs.216 5% off Rs.206
Lorid Susp 5mg/5ml 30ml
MRP Rs.33 3% off Rs.32
Lorid Tab 10mg 10's
MRP Rs.50 4% off Rs.48
Naxid Susp 250mg/5ml 60ml
MRP Rs.80 5% off Rs.76
Pedrol Drops 80mg/0.8ml 15ml
MRP Rs.21 5% off Rs.20
Pedrol Forte Susp 250mg/5ml 60ml
MRP Rs.35 3% off Rs.34
Pedrol Susp 120mg/5ml 60ml
Pedrol Total Susp 60ml
MRP Rs.40 5% off Rs.38
Perl Cap 20mg 14's
MRP Rs.140 5% off Rs.133

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