Managment System

A smart platform to better manage your end-to-end clinic operations

Focus on your patients’ care needs more efficiently while building lasting relationships.

Digitally transform your practice through Ailaaj’s end-
to-end clinic management system that empowers you with easy appointment scheduling, a comprehensive & secure electronic medical record database, and a seamless analytics dashboard to efficiently manage all of your finances.

How has our platform made an impact so far?

More than a 100 doctors across 18 cities in Pakistan rely on our CMS platform to better manage their practice

Our platform can be used whatever your medical specialty. Currently,
our CMS is being used by 40 different specialties.

Our partner doctors have successfully completed more than 29,000 consultations.

Benefits for clinicians

We design and build custom tools that give your practice an edge

Our CMS has helped improve clinical and operational efficiency by upto 80%

Free upto 25 % of your time managing appointments & no shows

Full integration of all clinical workflows to better streamline your processes

Fully digital solution that helps in reducing paper wastage

An Improved Patient Experience

Keep your patients updated through automated SMS notifications

Easy to download electronic prescriptions

Create detailed patient profiles with special diagnosis tags for better ongoing care

Maintain a comprehensive electronic medical record database to avoid any

potential confusion in treatment plans

Enhance your Practice

Assign roles & assignments to your team for more efficient operations

Keep your entire staff on task with system wide notifications

Empower your clinic’s reception desk with an easy to use appointment management module

Better primary diagnosis facilitation by junior doctors

Improved Reporting

Fully comprehensive record of all completed consultations and procedures

Complete module to better manage your finances with customizable invoices

Easy integration with on site facility labs and diagnostics

Helping you be a better clinician through smart tools

Customized patient/disease tags for grouping patients with the same ailments

Engage patients through our quiz module to make better assessments

Create smart vaccination paths for pediatric patients

Improving your productivity

With a better managed clinic you would be able to see and treat more patients

Always be on point and fully informed with our electronic medical record database

Easily access your patient’s entire medical history through one click

Empower your junior doctors team and support staff to fast track patient consultations

Fixed time slots to help you better manage your consultations

Operational Benefits

One Platform to manage all your locations

You CMS platform can fully integrate all of your locations in one

place reducing all management costs

A platform that your entire
team can use

Our CMS platform is built to facilitate multiple operational areas; your receptionist can book

& manage all of your appointments, and your junior doctors team can use the CMS for

preliminary examinations.