Manage all of your personnel healthcare needs on one platform.

With Ailaaj’s integrated CorpCare platform all of your employee healthcare needs can be taken care of more efficiently while reducing administrative costs with no added burden on your existing resources. Spend your time gaining valuable insights about how and when your workforce needs their medical benefits through our OPD solution that delivers a seamless end-to-end experience from consultations, medicine deliveries, lab testing, to invoicing.

A fully digital system for efficient claims filing

Process all your claims easily through our user friendly and cost-effective solution.

Increase your workforce productivity through Digital Sick Notes

Our Digital Sick Notes are a smart way for you and your employee to closely monitor their patient care; leading to faster recoverytimes and less sick leaves

How CorpCare works?

1. Create your company account on the Ailaaj CorpCare portal

2. Upload all personnel details or call Ailaaj customer care for support

3. CorpCare is now ready to be used by both HR & employees

How it benefits employees?

Instant access to doctors with no limits on consultations

Through our app, your employees save valuable time by avoiding long wait times to meet with a doctor. With just two clicks they’ll be instantly connected to a doctor anywhere via video for as many times as they need. With easy and convenient access to your doctor, illnesses are diagnosed earlier leading to faster recovery times and saving you PKR 20,000 per year per employee.

Online Pharmacy

Your employees will not have to go elsewhere to fill their prescriptions. With Ailaaj’s end-to-end patient care solutions, all medications can be ordered through our online pharmacy and delivered at your doorstep.