Hylixia 20 ml Drops are mainly formulated to treat children's congestion. Coughing can be uncomfortable and painful, mainly for those of various ages, making it essential to treat it with care. The Hylixia Cough 20-ml Drops are supposed to be used only by youngsters suffering from cough symptoms and are not intended to be used by adults.

These drops comprise a mixture of three natural energetic elements, and their minimum unfavorable results make them an appealing option. The active elements in Hylixia Cough 20ml Drops are Ivy Leaf extract, thyme, and Licorice, each of which contributes to their cough suppressant and remedy properties. 

Together, those parts efficiently relieve throat itching, dryness, infection, and coughing, making them a great preference for cough suppressants. 


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Cough Preparation


IVY Leaf Extract 20mg



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Searle Pakistan Ltd

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Pack of 20 drops

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  • The number one function of Hylixia Cough 20ml Drops is as an expectorant, facilitating the removal of phlegm, in particular for effective (chesty) coughs.
  • To maintain their efficacy, store Hylixia Cough 20-ml Drops in a peaceful, dry place.
  • There isn't any chance of dependence, and these drops aren't dependency-forming.
  • Hylixia Cough 20-ml Drops do not set off sedation, so they may be administered to minors without inflicting drowsiness.
  • Although these drops are harmless for kids, they must be kept out of reach to avoid accidental ingestion.
  • The administration path for Hylixia Cough 20-ml Drops is orally. 

As with any medicine, the use of Hylixia Cough 20-ml Drops can have certain detrimental consequences. These viable facet results consist of:

  1. Felt nausea
  2. The act of vomiting
  3. a feeling of dizziness
  4. belly distress
  5. pain in the top stomach area

What is the recommended dosage of 20 ml of Hylixia Cough for kids?

Depending on age and unique symptoms, the dosage of Hylixia Cough 20-ml Drops for children can vary. It is imperative to stick to the dosage instructions furnished on the product's packaging or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Can Hylixia Phlegm 20 ml Drops be used to deal with phlegm in infants?

A healthcare professional needs to decide whether to use Hylixia Cough 20-ml Drops in babies based totally on the child's age, condition, and precise symptoms.

Does Hylixia Cough 20-ml Drops have any nutritional regulations or potential drug interactions?

Consult a healthcare provider concerning nutritional issues or drug interactions before administering Hylixia Cough 20ml Drops to a baby, particularly if the child is taking other medicines or has unique dietary issues. 

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