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Aclasta Infusion (5 mg, 1 vial) is a drug that carries zoledronic acid, an effective bisphosphonate that is critical for bone fitness. By stopping calcium from being released from bones, zoledronic acid facilitates the maintenance of healthy calcium levels within the body.

Several clinical problems are dealt with with this medicine: Aclasta is used to treat osteoporosis, a disease marked by susceptible and fragile bones, in postmenopausal women and adult males. It is also used in the treatment of adults suffering from Paget's ailment of the bones. A chronic circumstance known as Paget's disease interferes with normal bone remodeling, weakening and deforming bones as a result. 

In order to prevent bone fractures, Aclasta Infusion 5 mg/1 Vial works by reducing immoderate blood calcium levels, limiting the waft of calcium from bones into movement, and slowing down the disintegration of bones caused by ailments like cancer. 


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zoledronic acid 5mg/100ml



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1 vial x 100ml

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Novartis Pharma (Pak)

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Pack of 1 vial Injection

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  • Information on Aclasta's use and protection can be found under Aclasta is a bisphosphonate medication that is often endorsed for postmenopausal women with osteoporosis and those who have Paget's disease of the bones.
  • Use this medicine within 12 hours of reconstitution and preserve it at room temperature (among 15°C and 30°C). Before reconstitution, avoid storage above 30°C.
  • Aclasta Infusion, 5 mg, 1 vial, is thought to be safe for human beings of every age and isn't dependency-forming or sedative.
  • It is given intravenously to external patients. 

While five mg Aclasta Infusion Although 1 vial is often tolerated properly, a few human beings might also develop modest side effects, inclusive of:

  • again pain
  • Strange or unsightly aftertaste
  • bladder pain
  • Skin reddening, blistering, crusting, itchiness, or irritation
  • Urine is red or hazy
  • a bone ache

These detrimental results are regularly temporary and are now not very concerning. However, it's highly advised that you seek advice from your healthcare practitioner in case you encounter intense or enduring adverse results. 


How frequently do I need to acquire an Aclasta infusion?

 Depending on your medical condition and the advice of your healthcare expert, the quantity of Aclasta infusions you acquire can also vary. Usually, Aclasta is best given once a year to deal with osteoporosis. However, your healthcare practitioner will choose the perfect dose regimen.

Can I take Aclasta if I've had renal troubles in the past?

 Before starting Aclasta medicine, humans with kidney issues should let their physician know due to the fact that dose adjustments are probably desired. Your physician will examine how properly your kidneys are functioning and pick out the right dosage for you 

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