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Advant Tablet which contains Candesartan is a potent medicine that is used for the purpose of managing hypertension. In addition, it is an alternative treatment in instances of diabetic nephropathy as well as heart failure. 

The secret to its efficacy is in its capacity to block selectively the attachment of angiotensin AT1 receptors in diverse tissues, including the smooth muscle of the vascular system and adrenal glands.

The targeted inhibition results in the reduction of aldosterone and vasoconstriction that is mediated by AT1 which ultimately leads to an impressive reduction in blood pressure.

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Candesartan Cilexetil 8mg



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Getz Pharma

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Here is some information regarding the safety and advant tablet uses.

  • Proper storage is essential to maintain the efficiency of the Advant Tablet. Maintain it in an air-tight dry place at 25°C, with the possibility of extending it from 15degC and 30degC. Make sure the medication is protected from direct water and sunlight to protect its quality.
  • Advant Tablet is an anti-habit-forming drug that is not habit-forming that eliminates the concerns associated with addiction and dependence.
  • It doesn't cause the feeling of sedation, which allows users to continue their daily activities without the drowsiness affecting their performance.
  • Safety for children is not an aspect of Advant Tablet, making it appropriate for people of all age categories.
  • The most recommended method in the administration of Advant Tablet is by mouth which makes it easy to use.

While the Advant Tablet is generally tolerated, certain users may have adverse negative effects. They can include:

  1. Kidney impairment that is severe, and should be monitored closely by a medical professional.
  2. Hypertension (low blood pressure) This may be present in certain cases.
  3. Trouble sleeping and possibly affecting sleep patterns for a brief time.
  4. Back pain is a possibility of pain that should be treated with medical advice.
  5. An irregular heartbeat should be taken to a doctor to be evaluated.
  6. The sensation of having breath shortens, although not common, should be treated as an adverse side effect that needs immediate medical treatment.
  7. Headache is a fairly frequent side effect that can usually be treated with pain relievers available on the market.

Which is Advant Tablet used to treat? 

Advant Tablet, which contains Candesartan, is primarily used for treating hypertension. However, it can also be used as a substitute treatment for diabetic nephropathy or heart failure.

How should I store my Advant Tablet? 

Store Advant Tablet in an air-conditioned dry place at 25 degrees Celsius, with the possibility of a temperature range between 15degC to 30degC. Make sure to protect it against direct sun and humidity.

Do you think Advant Tablet be administered to children without risk? 

Yes, Advant Tablet is generally regarded to be safe for children. However, the right dosage should be identified by an experienced healthcare professional.

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