Ambu Bag Large (Silicon) 1's


The Ambu Bag Large (Silicon) is a medical device designed for providing manual ventilation to patients who are unable to breathe adequately on their own. It is constructed with high-quality silicone material to ensure flexibility, durability, and ease of use. 

This Ambu bag is a crucial component in emergency and critical care settings, as it allows healthcare professionals to deliver controlled breaths to patients during resuscitation or in situations where mechanical ventilation may not be available. 

With a focus on patient safety and healthcare provider convenience, the Ambu Bag Large (Silicon) is an essential tool in emergency medical care.

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Ambu Bag Large (Silicon) 1's

  • The Ambu Bag Large (Silicon) is used for manual ventilation of patients who require assistance with their breathing. 
  • It is commonly used in emergency situations, during anesthesia induction, or in intensive care settings.
  • The Ambu Bag typically consists of a self-expanding bag, patient valve, and a mask or interface for proper patient connection.
  • Healthcare professionals using the Ambu Bag should be adequately trained in its proper use to ensure patient safety. Careful attention to tidal volume, respiratory rate, and patient response is essential during ventilation. 
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of the Ambu Bag are necessary to prevent contamination and ensure device integrity.

The Ambu Bag itself does not have side effects. However, improper or excessive use can lead to complications, including:

  • Overinflation of the lungs
  • Hyperventilation or hypoventilation
  • Gastric insufflation

Note: Proper training and adherence to guidelines for manual ventilation are crucial to minimize the risk of complications.

What is the purpose of an Ambu Bag Large (Silicon)?

The Ambu Bag Large (Silicon) is used for manual ventilation of patients who require assistance with their breathing, typically in emergency medical situations or during anesthesia induction.

Who can use the Ambu Bag Large (Silicon)?

Trained healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists, are qualified to use the Ambu Bag effectively.

How is the Ambu Bag Large (Silicon) cleaned and maintained?

Regular cleaning and disinfection are essential to maintain the Ambu Bag's hygiene and integrity. Manufacturers provide specific cleaning and maintenance instructions.

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