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Amvax-B Inj is a vaccine designed to defend against hepatitis B that is not infectious. This vaccine comprises hepatitis B floor antigen (HBsAg) purified from Hansunula Polymorpha cells which have been genetically changed.

The purification system involves numerous physicochemical steps, ensuing in an antigen suspension that is adsorbed onto aluminium hydroxide. Notably, Amvax-B Inj is manufactured without the use of any substances derived from human beings, ensuring its protection and effectiveness. 


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Recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccine



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Amvax-B Inj is used predominantly as a vaccine to offer protection in opposition to hepatitis B. Those at hazard for contracting this viral contamination ought to take this precautionary degree.

The vaccine: The administration of this injectable vaccine enables the frame expand immunity against the hepatitis B virus. Vaccination is usually recommended for individuals prone to publicity to the virus, such as healthcare employees, travelers to areas with a excessive occurrence of hepatitis B, and those with particular medical situations 


Who must be vaccinated with Amvax-B Inj?

The Amvax-B Inj vaccine is usually recommended for individuals who may be exposed to hepatitis B. This includes healthcare experts, travelers to endemic regions, and people with precise clinical situations. Consult your healthcare issuer for individualised recommendation.

Is the vaccine Amvax-B Inj secure for children?

Yes, the Amvax-B Inj vaccine is often covered in recurring youth vaccination schedules to protect in opposition to hepatitis B and is taken into consideration secure for youngsters. 

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