Baby Aid Soap is a mild and gentle soap specially designed for babies and children. Crafted with a formulation devoid of harsh chemicals and detergents, it prioritizes the delicate nature of young skin. The soap features natural moisturizers that contribute to maintaining skin's softness and hydration.

Offered in a range of pleasant scents such as baby powder, lavender, and chamomile, Baby Aid Soap caters to varying preferences. For those seeking a fragrance-free option, it is also available in a version that ensures a gentle and nurturing cleansing experience.


Manufactured By

Derma Techno Pakistan

Product Form


Generic Category




Pack Size 

70 gram


Infants and Children

Recommended Dosage

Adults & Children 12+: 120 mg per day

Children below 12: 60 mg per day


  • It can be used on the face, body, and scalp.
  • Baby Aid Soap is a bar soap that is applied to the skin with wet hands. It should be lathered and then rinsed off with water.
  • Baby Aid Soap is generally safe for use in babies and children. However, it is important to avoid getting soap in the eyes. If soap gets in the eyes, rinse them immediately with water.

Baby Aid Soap Uses

Here are some of the specific uses of Baby Aid Soap:

  • To wash the skin of babies and children
  • To help keep the skin soft and hydrated
  • To help prevent dry skin
  • To help soothe irritated skin
  • To help remove dirt and germs
  • To help prevent diaper rash


  • Dry skin: In some cases, excessive use or already dry skin can lead to dryness after using Baby Aid Soap. Applying a moisturizer post-use can help alleviate this effect.
  • Itching: Mild itching might occur in some individuals after using Baby Aid Soap. Typically, this discomfort subsides on its own. If severe or persistent itching arises, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

Allergic reaction: Although rare, a few individuals may experience an allergic reaction to Baby Aid Soap. Symptoms such as hives, swelling, or breathing difficulties may indicate an allergic response. If any of these symptoms emerge, cease using the soap and seek medical attention promptly. tiredness.



Can I use Baby Aid Soap on my newborn baby?

Yes, Baby Aid Soap is generally safe for newborns. Start with a small amount and avoid contact with the eyes. If concerned, consult your doctor.

Can I use Baby Aid Soap on my adult skin?

Yes, Baby Aid Soap is suitable for adult skin, though it might not be as effective as adult-specific soaps.

Is Baby Aid Soap suitable for eczema?

Baby Aid Soap mild formula makes it suitable for eczema-prone skin. Consult your doctor before using it, especially if you're allergic to certain soap ingredients.

Is Baby Aid Soap good for diaper rash?

Baby Aid Soap can help clean the skin and bacteria, aiding diaper rash prevention. Apply a diaper rash cream post-use for soothing effects.


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