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Betaderm N Cream is a versatile treatment that can be used to treat various skin ailments such as eczema and allergies, dermatitis, and itching. The principal ingredient is Betamethasone can be described as a medium-strength corticosteroid known for its efficacy in reducing itching, swelling, and redness commonly associated with skin issues. 

By reducing these uncomfortable symptoms Betaderm N Cream provides relief and ease, making it a significant benefit in dermatological care.



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Betamethasone, Neomycin

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Atco Laboratories

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Tube of 5gm cream

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  • Storage Important to keep Betaderm N Cream in a cool, dry location and ensure that it isn't over 30 degrees Celsius. Protecting it from temperatures is essential to ensure its effectiveness and security.
  • Habit Formation: Betaderm N Cream is not habit-forming, which means you are able to use it without anxiety about addiction or dependency.
  • Sedation The medication doesn't cause sedation, which allows users to take it without affecting their normal routine and focus.
  • Children's Safety Betaderm N Cream is generally considered to be safe for use with children if recommended by a medical professional. It is important to follow the prescribed dosage and guidelines to ensure security.
  • Method of Administration: Betaderm N Cream is intended to be used only on the outside of the body. It is recommended to apply it topically on the affected areas of the skin. Follow the instructions provided.



Although Betaderm N Cream is generally well-tolerated, there are some who may experience mild adverse effects, which include:

  1. Stinging 
  2. burning
  3. Itching 
  4. Irritation Skin
  5. Dryness.
  6. redness.



Is Betaderm N Cream suitable for all types of skin?

Betaderm N Cream is generally suitable for all types of skin however, it is recommended to consult an expert dermatologist for specific advice.

How often do I need to use Betaderm N Cream?

Application frequency as well as how much cream should be applied will depend on the particular skin condition. Always follow the directions given by your doctor.

Can I use Betaderm N Cream on my face?

Betaderm N Cream can be used on the face. However, it is recommended to use cautiousness, since facial skin is more delicate. Consult a dermatologist for guidance.

How soon can I anticipate seeing results using Betaderm N Cream?

Results can vary based on the condition of the skin. There is typically a noticeable improvement in a couple of days however, full-on results could be more gradual.


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