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Beta-adrenergic blocker in eye drop form, often used for glaucoma or ocular hypertension. Betnesol-N Drops is used to treat inflammation of the eye, ear or nose when there may also be a risk of bacterial infection. It is important to use this medicine to prevent any damage to the delicate tissues of your eyes, ear or nose and to prevent any infection developing.

Beta Drops are mostly used in the treatment of glaucoma, a condition where increased intraocular pressure can lead to damage to the optic nerve and loss of vision. Also, it's  used in the management of ocular hypertension, where the pressure inside the eye is higher than normal but hasn't caused optic nerve damage.

Manufactured By

Remington Pharmaceutical

Product Form


Active Ingredient

Betamethasone Sodium Phosphate 0.5%



  • Beta Drops eye drops are typically instilled in the affected eye(s) once or twice daily, or as prescribed by a physician. 
  • The specific dose, frequency, and duration of treatment will vary based on the condition  treated and patient needs.
  • Do not eat or swallow it.

  • Stinging or burning upon application, 
  • Blurred vision, and eye itching or redness.
  • Systemic effects, due to absorption into the bloodstream, can include bradycardia (slow heart rate), bronchospasm, and hypotension (low blood pressure).
  • Heart failure
  • Confusion
  • Depression 
  • And Impotence. It's important to note that as they are rare but can happen.

Q1: Can we use drops more than two times a day?

 Consult your doctor and it totally depends upon patients condition.

Q2: I have extreme itching after using betadrops in my eyes?

Wash thoroughly with water and contact your doctor.

Q3: How many days I can use these drops for my eyes?

 It is suggested to consult doctor as in eye and vision are sensitive matters.

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