Bisleri Syp is an essential medicine that is used to treat anemia caused by a deficiency of iron and also anemia due to chronic kidney disease. Its active component Iron Hydroxide Polymaltose is essential in replenishing the iron reserves within the body, which helps to combat your anemia. 

Syp Bisleri ensure the absorption of iron in a controlled manner with the main concentration being on the duodenum and jejunum inside the small intestine. In contrast to a method of diffusion that is passive, it ensures that only a tiny amount of iron unbound is introduced into the circulatory system. 

The iron absorption is carried to the liver and there it's retained as ferritin. It then is utilized to aid in a range of body tasks. That is because it serves as the principal role of the incorporation of ferritin into hemoglobin. which is the protein that carries oxygen into the blood.

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Iron (III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex 50mg/5ml



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Sami Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd

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Pack of 120 Syrup

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  • Storage: Keep Syp Bisleri in a cool and dry place to maintain its efficiency.
  • A habit that is formed: The medication doesn't result in habit formation, therefore it's safe for use frequently as directed.
  • Sedation: Bisleri Syp will not cause sedation. This lets you continue your regular routine without becoming drowsy.
  • Children's Safety: While it's suitable for use by adults it is not suggested to be used by kids. Ask a physician for advice on how best to apply it in a child-friendly setting.
  • Route of Administration: It is administered orally in liquid form making it simple to drink. 

While Syp  Bisleri can be well tolerated However, certain individuals may experience mild adverse reactions, which could include:

  1. Problems sleeping: Sometimes, it's difficult to fall asleep or get asleep.
  2. Constipation: Constipation: Constant diarrhea or problems getting stool out.
  3. Unique fatigue: You might feel tired or depleted.
  4. Diarrhea: Sometimes fluid or loose stool.
  5. Blurred vision: Rare cases of eyesight blurred or unclear.
  6. There are times when there have been reports of chest pain.

What is the Bisleri Syp's effects on treating anemia?

Bisleri Syp replenishes iron stores in the body, helping to produce hemoglobin that is essential for transporting oxygen through the blood.

What is the recommended dosage for Bisleri Syp?

The dosage depends on your specific needs and medical conditions. Ask your physician for specific guidelines on dosage.

Are there any diet restrictions making use of Syp Bisleri?

While no strict restrictions on diet are needed, having a healthy diet that is rich in iron can help in the treatment.

Are Bisleri Syp suitable for nursing or pregnant mother-to-be?

Pregnant mothers and nursing women should consult their physician prior to beginning to take Bisleri Syp to ensure that Bisleri Syp is safe and appropriate during these times.

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