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Caloc tablets are the main remedy prescribed for accelerated blood pressure (hypertension). By relaxing the blood vessels and reducing the force required to preserve blood drift from the coronary heart, it effectively reduces blood pressure. In addition, Caloc is used to deal with the persistent chest pain referred to as angina. This is done by increasing blood flow to the heart, thereby decreasing chest discomfort. 

The medicine is likewise effective for treating resting chest pain, additionally referred to as variant angina. In addition, Caloc is used to mitigate the consequences of Coronary Artery Disease, a situation characterised by injury to the heart's blood vessels. 

Caloc Tablet is sometimes prescribed alongside other medicines for quite a few clinical situations, according to the recommendation of a healthcare professional. 


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  • To effectively control excessive blood pressure, You use Caloc Tablet by yourself or in combination with other medications.
  • It Reduces excessive blood pressure to save you from strokes, heart attacks, and kidney disorders.
  • This drug belongs to the class of medicinal drugs called beta-blockers.
  • It has the capability of inhibiting the impact of certain compounds in the body, which include epinephrine, on the coronary heart and blood vessels, resulting in blood vessel rest and decreased cardiac workload.
  • Caloc tablets ought to be kept away from direct sunlight and moisture. It must be kept below 25 degrees Celsius and out of the reach of minors. 

Caloc Tablet is beneficial for coping with high blood pressure and cardiac aches, but it could cause side effects in some people. These possible unfavourable results may additionally encompass:

  • Extreme problem with respiration
  • Disorientation
  • Heart charge acceleration
  • Severe facial, neck, palms, and chest redness
  • Muscle anguish (of an extreme nature)
  • Recurrent heartburn
  • Sour or acidic belly
  • Belly ache
  • Anxiety (infrequent) 

How exactly does Caloc Tablet decrease blood strain?

Caloc Tablet belongs to the beta-blocker class of medications, and it really works by blocking certain natural chemical substances in the body that could increase blood stress, thus relaxing blood vessels and lowering cardiac workload.

Can I stop taking Caloc tablets if my blood pressure is in check?

It is vital to stick to your physician's instructions concerning remedy use. Stopping a medicinal drug without a medical doctor's approval can cause an unexpected boom in blood pressure. 

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