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Cefcin injection 1 Vial is a mighty antibacterial remedy that efficaciously combats bacterial infections by interfering with important bacterial growth and multiplication tactics. This intravenous method, which incorporates 1 g of Ceftriaxone as the active constituent, is beneficial in the treatment of meningitis. 

Meningitis is characterized by irritation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord and may be due to Streptococcus pneumoniae or Neisseria meningitidis bacteria. As a powerful antibiotic, Cefcin Injection plays an important role in treating severe infections. 


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Ceftriaxone Sodium



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Cirin Pharmaceuticals

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  • Ceftriaxone, the energetic aspect of Cefcin Injection, is used to deal with numerous bacterial infections, including lifestyle-threatening situations such as E. Coli infections, pneumonia, and meningitis. Additionally, it is used as a preventative measure when patients present with unique surgical tactics.
  • Storage: To preserve its efficacy, Cefcin Injection needs to be stored in a cool, dry area at or under 25 °C and out of direct radiation.
  • Habit-Forming: Cefcin Injection isn't always habit-forming, lowering dependency concerns.
  • This medication no longer induces sedation or lethargy.
  • Although it isn't addictive, it has to be stored out of reach of minors to prevent unintentional ingestion. 

Despite the reality that Cefcin Injection is generally well tolerated, some sufferers may revel in adverse effects of various severity. These viable side results consist of:

  1. Diarrhea (of intense severity)
  2. belly discomfort (intense)
  3. Disorientation (intense)
  4. Face, lips, eyelids, tongue, fingers, and toes edema (intense).
  5. acute acid or sour belly
  6. Change in flavor (uncommon)
  7. Rare occurrence of extra air or gasoline inside the intestines. 

How much cefcin injection is recommended for the treatment of meningitis?

The dosage of Cefcin Injection for meningitis can vary primarily based on the severity of the contamination and the age and circumstances of the affected person. It is important to stick to the appropriate dosing commands given by your healthcare provider.

Can Cefcin injections be administered at home, or is hospital administration the norm?

The management of Cefcin injections, mainly for excessive infections along with meningitis, is generally done under the supervision of healthcare experts in a sanatorium or medical facility. On certain occasions, domestic administration can be contemplated, but it ought to be executed under scientific supervision 

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