Generic Category: Corticosteroids
Ingredients: beclomethasone dipropionate ( eur.Ph ) g 0.040 , Salbutamol sulphate ( eur.Ph ) g 0.0964 Equivalent to salbutamol g 0.080 . Excipients: sodium chloride polysorbate 20 sorbitan moNolaurate water for Injection .
Strength: 800mcg
Pack Size: 10 x 2ml Vial
Prescription Required: No
Manufacturer: Chiesi farmaceutici s.P.A
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Pack Form: Packof 1 nebulising solution Vial
Product Form: Aerosol Nebulising Solution
Product Type: Medicine
Key Highlights: Beclomethasone (dipropionate) is primarily indicated in conditions like allergic rhinitis, asthma, dermatitis, eczema, granuloma annulare, lichen planus, lichen simplex, lupus erythematosus, nsaid-associated gastric and duodenal ulcers (prophylaxis), prophylaxis of asthma, pruritus ani, psoriasis, vasomotor rhinitis, and can also be given in adjunctive therapy as an alternative drug of choice in liver transplant.
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Do Not disperse in the environment after use.
Habit Forming: No
Sedation: No
Child Safety: No
Route of Administration: Oral

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