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Colospas MR Capsules contain Mebeverine and is intended for diverse gastrointestinal issues. It can be used as an adjunct treatment for digestive issues including chronic irritable bowel spasms and gastrointestinal issues IBS, mucous colitis, spastic colon and constipation with spasms. 

This medication can alleviate spasticity and discomfort that are caused by these conditions as well as improving the living quality of people suffering from digestive issues.

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Mebeverine Hydrochloride



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Nabiqasim Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

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Pack of 10 Capsules

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  • Storage to maintain the efficacy and potency in Colospas MR Capsules, keep at 25 degrees Celsius, with a range of 15degC to 30degC. Keep the capsules away against direct sun and water to ensure that they do not degrade.
  • Habit-forming: Colospas MR Capsule is not a habit-forming drug. It is safe to use according to the directions without worrying about the possibility of developing dependence or addiction.
  • Sedation The medication does not cause the feeling of drowsiness, which allows people to go about their day without experiencing drowsiness.
  • Children's Safety: Colospas MR Capsule is deemed to be suitable for use by children. It is important to give the right dose in accordance with the advice of a pediatrician for safety and efficacy.
  • Route of Administration: Colospas MR Capsule is taken orally, which makes it easy to incorporate into one's routine. Follow the dosage guidelines to get the best outcomes.

Although Colospas MR Capsule is generally well-tolerated, some patients might experience adverse reactions, though they're not widespread. If you experience any of these symptoms It is recommended to seek medical attention.

  1. Allergy reactions
  2. Nausea
  3. Skin eruption

Should I take Colospas MR Capsule to treat IBS?

Take care to follow your doctor's prescription dosage guidelines. It is typically taken orally and with or without food as directed to treat IBS.

Can kids use Colospas MR capsules for stomach spasms?

It is true that Colospas MR capsules have been deemed to be safe for children. But, it is crucial to use the right dosage according to the pediatrician's suggestion.

Does Colospas MR Capsule beneficial for chronically upset colon?

Colospas MR Capsule often recommended as an adjunct treatment for chronic irritable colon and can be very beneficial in relieving related symptoms.

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