Derm Save Lotion is a unique skincare treatment that was that is designed to offer immediate relief from a range of types of irritations to the skin. 

The lightweight formulation has menthol that offers immediate relief from various conditions that include allergies, irritation from pollution-induced skin stress and the harsh effects of UV rays, burning sunburn, chemical exposure as well as insect bites and detergents allergies, dry skin caused by changes in atmospheric conditions, as well as the discomfort caused by prickly hot. 

This lotion can be an excellent ingredient to have in your skincare arsenal that provides quick comfort and protection from a variety of skin issues.

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Skincare Product


Aloe Vera + Menthol

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Prescription Required



Pack of 100 Lotion

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Derma Techno Pakistan

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  • skin health: Derm Save lotion is the best solution to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. If you've been exposed to environmental pollutants, allergens or other skin irritants this lotion will help you keep your skin to remain in good health.
  • Storage For the long-term durability and effectiveness in Derm Save Lotion, store it in a cool, dry area. Be sure to keep it away from extreme sun or heat.
  • Habit Formation: Rest assured, Derm Save Lotion is non-habit-forming. It can be used whenever you need to address your concerns about your skin without having to worry about dependence.
  • Sedation Derm Save Lotion does not cause sedation. It is safe to apply it on your skin anytime without feeling dizzy or drowsy.
  • Child Safety Derm Save lotion is suitable for use by children if taken as directed. It is important that it is kept out of reach of children as young as they are to avoid accidental ingestion or abuse.
  • Method of administration Derm Save Lotion is intended for use on the outside only. Avoid contact with mouths, eyes and open wounds. If you happen to make contact, wash thoroughly with water.

Although Derm Save Lotion is generally well-tolerated, these are some reactions that need to be addressed:

  1. Skin thinning.
  2. skin wrinkling
  3. Reactions at the application site (burning, itchiness, irritation, and redness)

Does Derm Save Lotion cause skin dryness?

The lotion was specifically designed to treat dry skin and offer relief.

Does it cause allergies?

Derm Save Lotion is designed to help alleviate allergic reactions, not to trigger them.

Is it suitable for skin that is sensitive?

Yes it is, this lotion is ideal for people with sensitive skin. It can offer relief from skin sensitivity issues.

Is it safe to use on the skin of children?

Yes, it's safe to use on children when used according to the directions however, keep it from children's access.

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