Dextrose is a form of the molecule glucose. The solution of dextrose in water is administered intravenously (IV) via a vein. Its primary capabilities are to top off depleted fluids and offer carbohydrates to the body. Dextrose in water is used to treat quite a few clinical situations, consisting of hypoglycemia, insulin shock, and dehydration because of fluid loss. 

Additionally, it's from time to time used as a diluent or liquid medium for the practice of injectable medications within an IV bag. A diluent gives a huge volume of fluid for the purpose of diluting a small quantity of medicine. This permits the sluggish and stable administration of the drug into the body. 


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Dextrose Solution





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Otsuka Pakistan

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Bottle of 25ml Liquid

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  • Dextrose in water is run to provide the frame with additional water and carbohydrates as wished.
  • It is usually recommended to store this medicine in a quiet, dry area to maintain its balance and efficacy.
  • Habit-Forming: Dextrose in water isn't always associated with addiction-forming tendencies, and because of this, it no longer brings about dependence
  • This medicine has no effect on sedation or lethargy.
  • As indicated via its child safety designation, dextrose in water is considered stable for use with youngsters.
  • Route of Administration: Dextrose in water is administered externally through intravenous infusion 

Despite the fact that Dextrose in water is usually well tolerated, certain people can also experience the following detrimental outcomes:

  • Extreme ache, swelling, or burning around the IV catheter
  • Warmth, redness, oozing, or bleeding at the IV placement website Fever and a continual wheeze 

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