Extencee Plus Capsule is a designed solution that was born of extensive research, designed to treat sexual disorders effectively.

It provides an exclusive mixture of traditional herbs used to treat sexual dysfunction and is complemented by cutting-edge herbal remedies that are the result of modern research and are renowned for their efficacy in treating sexual dysfunctions. 

This product is a testimony to the integration of traditional wisdom and modern technology to achieve sexual health.

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Sexual Health


Tribulus Terrestris, Asphalatum, Puniabunium, Zinc, Selenium, Pausinystalia, Yohimbe, Ginseng, Vitamin E, Epimedium, Sagittatum

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Prescription Required



Phytocon International ( Pvt ) Ltd.

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Pack of 20 Capsules

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  • Storage In order to preserve its effectiveness, store Extencee Plus Capsule in an ambient temperature, securing it from direct sunlight and extreme heat.
  • Habit Forming: Rest assured, Extencee Plus Capsule isn't habit-forming that allows users to rely on it without worrying about dependence.
  • Sedation The capsule can be used without fear, because it doesn't cause sleep, which allows users to keep their regular routines.
  • Children's Safety Keep Extencee Plus capsule from your reach for children to ensure their security.
  • Method of Administration: The capsule can be administered by mouth, providing ease of use and comfort for those who want to tackle sexual concerns.

Although Extencee Plus Capsule is generally tolerated well, just like other medications, it could cause certain adverse reactions in rare cases. These can include anxiety-related states, high blood pressure, a skin rash (exanthema) , insomnia, nausea, heart rate rapid (tachycardia) and seizures, mania, or vomiting. 

What does Extencee Plus Capsule serve to do?

Extencee Plus Capsule was created to treat sexual dysfunctions and enhance sexual health by using traditional herbal remedies in conjunction and the latest research.

Does Extencee Plus Capsule a habit-forming product?

It's not, Extencee Plus Capsule is not habit-forming, so users are able to take the capsule as they wish without fear of dependence.

What is the best way to store Extencee Plus Capsules?

Extencee Plus Capsule must be kept at room temperature and away from direct light and extreme heat to ensure its efficacy.

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