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Ezonex Susp 200mg is a suspension medication containing the active ingredient Azithromycin Dihydrate. It inhibits the growth and propagation of bacteria by interfering with specific bacterial processes. 

Ezonex Susp is classified as a macrolide antibacterial and is marketed by Pharma Health Pakistan (PVT) LTD. The 15ml pack quantity of Ezonex Susp 200mg provides an effective treatment for a variety of bacterial infections.


Generic Category

Macrolide Anti-Bacteria


Azithromycin Dihydrate



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Pharma Health Pakistan

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Pack of 15ml Suspension

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Ezonex Susp 200mg is prescribed to treat upper and lower respiratory tract infections, cutaneous and soft tissue infections (muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.), otitis media (a type of ear infection), and uncomplicated Chlamydia trachomatis-caused genital infections.
To maintain its efficacy, it should be stored in a calm and dry location.
Not Habit-Forming: This medication is not addictive.
Sedation: It has no sedative properties.
Child Safety: Keep it out of children's reach.
Oral administration is required for 200 mg of Ezonex Susp 

Although Ezonex Susp 200mg can be effective in treating infections, it may also cause some unwanted adverse effects. Examples include:

  1. Extreme vomiting
  2. Severe fever
  3. Sour or acidic stomach
  4. Aggression or hostility
  5. Abnormally high levels of air or gas in the intestines.
  6. Recurrent heartburn
  7. Severe dry or scaly epidermis
  8. a feeling of dizziness
  9. A state of drowsiness 

What are the typical applications of Ezonex Susp 200mg?

Chlamydia trachomatis-caused respiratory tract infections, cutaneous and soft tissue infections, ear infections, and genital infections are commonly treated with Ezonex Susp 200mg.

What precautions should I consider while taking 200 mg of Ezonex Susp?

It's essential to heed your healthcare professional's advice when using this medication. Ensure you complete the prescribed course of treatment, even if you begin to feel better. In addition, inform your healthcare provider of any allergies or medications you are currently taking. 

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