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Famotid Tab 20mg 2x10's is a medication categorized as an anti-ulcerant. Each pack contains a total of 20 tablets, with each tablet containing 20mg of the active ingredient, Famotidine. 

Famotidine is used to both prevent and treat heartburn resulting from acid indigestion or sour stomach, which can occur after consuming specific foods or beverages. Importantly, Famotidine is available without the need for a prescription.


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  • Famotid Tab 20mg 2x10's is primarily prescribed to address heartburn caused by acid indigestion and sour stomach due to dietary or beverage consumption. 
  • It belongs to a class of medications known as H2 blockers. The primary mechanism of action involves reducing the production of stomach acid.
  • It is vital to store Famotid Tab 20mg 2x10's in a dry location, either at or below 30°C, and protect it from direct sunlight.
  • This medication is not habit-forming.
  • Famotid Tab 20mg 2x10's is not known to induce sedation.
  • Famotid Tab 20mg 2x10's does not come with specific child safety instructions, but it should be stored out of reach of children.
  • Oral administration is the standard method for taking this medication.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Dry mouth

Note: If you experience any unusual or severe side effects while taking Famotid Tab 20mg 2x10's, it is essential to contact your healthcare provider. They can provide guidance and make adjustments to your treatment plan if necessary.

Q1: What is the active ingredient in Famotid Tab 20mg 2x10's?

A1: The active ingredient is Famotidine, present at a strength of 20mg per tablet.

Q2: What conditions is Famotid Tab 20mg 2x10's used to treat?

A2: This medication is primarily used to prevent and treat heartburn caused by acid indigestion and sour stomach due to dietary or beverage consumption.

Q3: Is Famotid Tab 20mg 2x10's habit-forming?

A3: No, this medication is not habit-forming.

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