Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass 5cm x 3.6m


Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass 5cm x 3.6m is a surgical product designed for casting applications. Manufactured by BSN Medical Pvt Ltd., this product offers a versatile solution for healthcare professionals. It is made of synthetic casting materials, with fibreglass being one of the key components. 

Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass is known for its ease of application and patient comfort, making it suitable for various casting needs in medical settings. 

Whether it's for immobilizing fractures, providing support to injured limbs, or other orthopedic applications, Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass offers a reliable and efficient solution. 


Generic Category

Surgical Products


BSN Medical Pvt Ltd

Pack Size

5cm x 3.6m

Product Name

Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass 5cm x 3.6m

  • Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass is designed for easy and efficient application by healthcare professionals. 
  • It allows for precise casting to immobilize fractures or provide support to injured areas.
  • This product takes into consideration patient comfort during casting. The synthetic materials used aim to minimize discomfort while ensuring the necessary support and stability.
  • Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass is suitable for a range of casting needs, including orthopedic applications. 
  • It can be used in various medical settings to address fractures, injuries, or other conditions requiring casting. 

Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass is generally considered safe and does not pose significant side effects to patients. However, it's crucial to follow proper casting techniques and guidelines to ensure the best possible outcomes and minimize the risk of complications. Incorrect or overly tight casting can lead to:

  • discomfort 
  • skin irritation

Note: Healthcare professionals should monitor patients for any signs of discomfort, skin problems, or circulation issues during and after casting. 


Q1. What is Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass used for?

Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass is used for casting applications in orthopedic and medical settings. It is often used to immobilize fractures and provide support to injured limbs or areas.

Q2. Is Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass safe for use on all patients?

Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass is generally considered safe for most patients. However, it should be applied by trained healthcare professionals who can assess the patient's specific needs and ensure proper casting techniques are followed.

Q3. How is Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass removed?

Removal of Flashcast Synthetic Fiberglass typically involves cutting or splitting the cast along the edges using appropriate tools. Patients should not attempt to remove the cast themselves.

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