FreeStyle Optium Blood Glucose Test Strips are designed for self-monitoring and management of blood glucose levels. They're compatible with both the FreeStyle Optium Neo and FreeStyle Libre monitoring systems, ensuring a seamless integration for users of these devices. 

The individual foil-wrapped strips ensure hygiene and protection from external factors, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of results.



Manufactured By

Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan)

Product Form

50 strips

Generic category 

Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan)





  • For self-testing of blood glucose levels.
  • Ensure hands are clean and dry before handling. 
  • Insert the test strip into the meter, follow the device's prompts, and apply a blood sample either from the top or tip when the device indicates readiness. 
  • Read and interpret the results as per the device's guide.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. 
  • Do not refrigerate. 
  • Ensure strips remain in their individual foil packaging until use.


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