Fremol Tablet can be described as a reputable painkiller that can ease discomfort and inflammation that are associated with various ailments, such as ankylosing rheumatoid spondylitis, and osteoarthritis. 

This multi-faceted medication can offer relief from back pain, muscle pain, and toothache, some even experience discomfort around the throat and ears. Its effectiveness in relieving inflammation and reducing pain can make it an ideal choice for people seeking relief from typical conditions.

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  • Storage: Fremol Tablets should be stored at a temperature of room at a minimum of 25 degrees Celsius, in a dry and clean environment. This will ensure the medication's longevity and effectiveness.
  • Habit Formation You can rest assured that Fremol Tablet is not a habit-forming. This means you can take it to control your pain without worrying about addiction or dependency.
  • Sedation users using Fremol Tablet need not worry about drowsiness or sedation being result of the tablet. You can get on with your daily routine without feeling sleepy.
  • Security for Children Although Fremol Tablet offers a secure alternative to relieve pain for adults, it's not intended for use by children. Make sure that this medication is away from children to avoid accidental consumption.
  • Route of Administration: Fremol Tablets are designed to be taken orally and are easy to integrate into your routine. Take the tablet in a single swallow by drinking a glass of water according to the instructions of your doctor.

Although Fremol Tablet is generally well-tolerated however, as with all medicines it could have adverse consequences. It is important for you to know about them, even though they're not widespread. If you notice any of these symptoms consult your physician immediately:

  1. Rash
  2. Swelling or itching, in particular of the tongue, face or the throat.
  3. Severe dizziness
  4. Trouble breathing

How do I consume Fremol Tablet?

Fremol Tablet can be taken orally along with an ice cube or glass of water. Follow the instructions of your physician regarding dose and dosage frequency. Don't break or crush the tablets. Take the tablet whole.

What should I do if have side effects such as swelling or itching following the use of Fremol Tablet?

If you experience an unusual reaction like swelling or itching, stop taking the medication immediately and get medical attention right away.

Is it possible to keep Fremol Tablet inside the refrigerator to preserve it better?

Yes, it is suggested to keep Fremol Tablet at room temperature, but not more than 25 degrees Celsius, and in a dry area to preserve its effectiveness. Avoid refrigeration.

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