Gauze Swab Sponges Sterilized 15cmx15cm 100's 8Ply

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Sterilized Gauze Swab Sponges are essential medical supplies made from pure cotton. This product consists of a pack of 100 individually wrapped, sterile gauze swab sponges, each measuring 15cm x 15cm and comprising 8 layers (8-ply) of soft, absorbent cotton fabric. These swabs are designed for various medical and wound care applications.

Manufactured By

Cotton Craft

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Active Ingredient

Surgical cotton



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  • Indications: Sterilized Gauze Swab Sponges are widely used in healthcare settings for wound cleaning, dressing changes, and as a sterile barrier during medical procedures. They are suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, first aid kits, and home healthcare environments.
  • Sterility: Each gauze swab sponge is individually sterilized to ensure aseptic conditions. It is crucial to maintain the sterility of the packaging until the time of use to prevent infection.
  • Absorbency: The 8-ply construction of these swabs provides excellent absorbency, making them effective at soaking up fluids and maintaining a moist wound environment for optimal healing.
  • Safety Precautions: When using Sterilized Gauze Swab Sponges, adhere to standard hygiene practices. Ensure that your hands are clean and that the packaging remains intact until you are ready to use a swab.

  • When used correctly, Sterilized Gauze Swab Sponges are unlikely to cause adverse effects. 
  • However, improper handling or use can lead to contamination, which may result in infection or delayed wound healing. 
  • To minimize the risk of complications, always follow proper aseptic techniques when using these swabs.

How do we use Sterilized Gauze Swab Sponges for wound care?

Begin by cleaning your hands thoroughly. Open the sterile packaging, remove a swab, and use it to gently clean or dress the wound as directed by your healthcare advisor. Dispose of the used swab properly.

Can Sterilized Gauze Swab Sponges be used for sensitive skin?

Yes, these swabs are made of soft, pure cotton and are suitable for use on sensitive skin. However, always monitor for any signs of irritation or allergy.

Can I reuse Sterilized Gauze Swab Sponges?

Sterilized gauze swab sponges are designed for single-use only. Reusing them can compromise sterility and increase the risk of infection

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