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Glazol-T Eye Drops is an effective solution for individuals handling multiplied intraocular pressure, usually associated with glaucoma of the open-attitude type and ocular hypertension. Comprising a dynamic duo of energetic ingredients, Dorzolamide and Timolol, these drops are meticulously formulated to address those eye situations efficaciously.

Dorzolamide belongs to the elegance of medications known as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, aiding in lowering fluid manufacturing in the attention.

Timolol is a beta-blocker, working to similarly lower intraocular strain by lowering the amount of aqueous humor produced.

The combined efforts of those additives now not only effectively relieve the load of excessive intraocular strain but also function a vital guard against the hazard of blindness, a serious consequence of untreated glaucoma.

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Dorzolamide HCL 2%, Timolol Maleate 0.5%

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Not specified


Schazoo Pharmaceuticals

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Pack of 5 drops

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  • Treatment for High Intraocular Pressure: Glazol-T Eye Drops are in particular designed to combat high stress inner the eye because of situations like glaucoma and ocular hypertension.
  • Storage: Ensure those eye drops are saved in a fab and dry vicinity. Proper storage situations keep their efficacy.
  • Habit Forming: Rest assured, Glazol-T Eye Drops are non-addiction forming, bearing in mind safe use without issues of addiction.
  • Sedation: These drops no longer set off sedation, permitting customers to remain alert and attentive all through their utility.
  • Child Safety: While Glazol-T Eye Drops can be utilized in pediatric cases, it is critical that the dosage and duration of use are decided by way of a healthcare professional to ensure the protection of youngsters.
  • Route of Administration: Glazol-T Eye Drops are administered topically to the attention, providing a convenient and green way of application.

While Glazol-T Eye Drops are notably powerful, they'll cause some aspect consequences, inclusive of:

  1. Temporary Blurred Vision: This is a commonplace and usually quick-lived aspect impact.
  2. Headache: Some users may revel in mild complications.
  3. Strange Taste inside the Mouth: An uncommon flavor can be perceived.
  4. Sensitivity of the Eyes to Light: Eyes may additionally come to be greater touchy to light briefly.
  5. A feeling of Something inside the Mouth: An uncommon sensation inside the mouth can also arise.
  6. Dry Eyes: A brief sensation of dryness in the eyes.
  7. Watery Eyes: Occasional episodes of excessive tearing may additionally get up.
  8. Redness of the Eyes: Temporary eye redness would possibly occur.
  9. Temporary Burning or Stinging: A short burning or stinging sensation may be felt upon utility.
  10. Itching: Some people may additionally enjoy mild itching of the eyes.

What are Glazol-T Eye Drops used for?

Glazol-T Eye Drops are hired to deal with high intraocular pressure, particularly associated with glaucoma and ocular high blood pressure.

How should Glazol-T Eye Drops be stored?

These eye drops should be stored in a fab and dry area to maintain their effectiveness.

Do Glazol-T Eye Drops motive blur imaginative and prescient?

Temporary blurred imaginative and prescient is a commonplace aspect impact, but it generally resolves speedy.

Can Glazol-T Eye Drops be used in youngsters?

Yes, however, the best dosage and period should be decided by way of a healthcare professional to ensure toddler safety.

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