Product Name: Gluconil Cap 30's

Product Form: Capsules

Pack Size: 30's

Manufacturer: Herbo Natural Pvt Ltd

Generic Category: Herbal preparation

Ingredients: Garlic Extract, Biotin, Ascorbic acid, Magnesium gluconate, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Zinc gluconate, Potassium chloride, Vitamin D3, Folic acid, Chromium picolinate, Niacin, Alpha-lipoic acid, Lutein.

Indication:Helps to Overcome Weakness, Fatigue & TirednessHelps to reduce Insulin ResistanceHelps to maintain Blood Pressure levelHelps to maintain Cholesterol levelHelps in cellular antioxidant protection

Dosage & Administration:For adults only:  Take 1 capsule daily as dietary supplement with water preferable after meal.

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