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Glucophage 500 mg is the brand name for Metformin 500 mg, a widely regarded medicinal drug for the treatment of kind-2 diabetes in adults. In response to the alarming rise in the number of diabetic patients over the last few years, several pharmaceutical companies have introduced new diabetes medicinal drugs. 

Due to its extraordinarily mild side effects and precise mechanism for lowering blood sugar levels while mitigating diabetes-associated complications, Glucophage Tablet 500 mg stands out as one of the most endorsed medications for diabetes sufferers. 


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  • Glucophage Tablet 500 mg is prescribed for conditions such as type 2 diabetes, hyperlipoproteinemia, and obesity.
  • Ensure appropriate storage conditions for this medication.
  • The 500 mg dose of Glucophage is not habit-forming.
  • Sedation: It has no sedative properties.
  • This medication is not contraindicated for use in minors but should be administered under medical supervision.
  • Oral administration is required for Glucophage 500 mg. 

Some potential adverse effects of Glucophage 500 mg may include:

  • Felt nausea
  • The act of vomiting
  • stomach distress
  • Symptoms of diarrhea
  • Lack of strength
  • A flavor of metal in the mouth

How does 500 mg of Glucophage Tablet work to reduce blood sugar levels?

Glucophage Tablet 500 mg, also known as Metformin, reduces the amount of sugar produced by the liver and increases muscle cells' sensitivity to insulin. This combination aids individuals with type 2 diabetes reduce their blood sugar levels.

Is Glucophage Tablet 500 mg suitable for diabetic children?

Although Glucophage Tablet 500 mg is not contraindicated for use in minors, its use in pediatric patients should be closely monitored by a physician. A clinician should determine the dosage and administration based on the child's specific condition.


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