Infusion Set with Buret 100ml (JMS)


An infusion set with buret Set Uses stands as a vital medical apparatus meticulously designed to administer an accurate and controlled volume of fluid over a predetermined timeframe. The buret, an integral component of the infusion set, serves as a compact chamber adept at measuring the precise quantity of fluid dispensed during the infusion process.

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  • The infusion set should be used only by trained medical professionals.
  • If you experience any problems with the infusion set, such as pain, swelling, or redness at the insertion site, or if you think you may have an infection, contact your doctor immediately.

Buret Set Uses 

  • Delivering IV fluids: Burette sets are used to deliver IV fluids, such as saline solution, blood, and medications. They allow you to deliver a precise volume of fluid, which is important for patients who need to receive medications or fluids in a controlled manner.
  • Mixing drugs: Burette sets can also be used to mix drugs. This is done by adding the desired amount of each drug to the burette and then mixing them together.

  • The burette set is a potential source of infection. It is important to use aseptic technique when setting up and using the burette set.
  • Air can enter the burette set and travel to the bloodstream, causing an air embolism. This is a serious complication that can be fatal.
  • Too much fluid can be delivered through the burette set, which can cause fluid overload. This is a serious complication that can lead to heart failure.

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