Intrasite Gel Surgical Dressing 25gm


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Intrasite Gel, a scientific product developed by Smith & Nephew Ltd., is a fantastically powerful hydrogel specially formulated for wound care. This gel serves a dual purpose within the healing procedure. 

Firstly, it plays a vital role in debriding necrotic tissue, clearing away lifeless or damaged cells that restrict the wound's development. This debridement movement creates a clean slate for the wound to heal optimally. 

Secondly, intrasite gel is properly appropriate for wounds that are within the granulating and epithelializing levels, assisting in the formation of the latest tissue and promoting epithelial cell growth.

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Surgical products


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Tube of 25gm Gel

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Surgical Dressing

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Surgical Product

  • Intended Use: Intrasite Gel is mostly meant for wound dressing, making it an indispensable tool in the field of wound care.
  • Storage: For premiere upkeep and efficacy, shop this product in a cool and dry region. This ensures that the gel keeps its integrity and remains equipped to be used when wanted.
  • Habit Forming and Sedation: Rest confident; intrasite gel is neither habit-forming nor does it induce sedation. It is a secure and reliable option for wound management.
  • Child Safety: This product is secure to be used in pediatric instances while administered under the guidance of a healthcare expert who can ensure the right application and dosage.
  • Route of Administration: Intrasite gel is typically carried out topically, at once, to the wound floor, ensuring direct contact for its restoration properties to take impact.

While intrasite gel is normally well-tolerated, a few people can also experience certain side outcomes, which include:

  1. Allergic Reaction: In uncommon instances, individuals may also showcase symptoms of a hypersensitive reaction. If itching, redness, or swelling happens, stop use and seek scientific advice.
  2. Infection: There is a mild chance of contamination, especially if the wound isn't nicely cleaned before application. Keep the wound site smooth and reveal signs of contamination.
  3. Delayed Healing: Although uncommon, some users may enjoy not on time recuperation. 
  4. Skin Breakdown: In isolated instances, skin breakdown may also occur.

How do I apply intrasite gel?

Cleanse the wound, follow a beneficiant layer of the gel, and cover with the suitable dressing. Follow your healthcare company's commands.

Is Intrasite Gel suitable for all sorts of wounds?

Intrasite Gel is mainly powerful for necrotic tissue debridement and granulating wounds. Consult a healthcare expert for customized recommendations.

Can youngsters use Intrasite Gel?

Yes, it could be used on children when supervised by means of a healthcare issuer. Ensure the right application and adherence to safety suggestions.

Are there any drug interactions with Intrasite Gel?

Intrasite Gel is for outside use and generally does no longer engage with medications. However, consult your healthcare provider for unique concerns.

How regularly should I changed the dressing with Intrasite Gel?

Dressing modifications rely on your wound's condition. Follow your healthcare provider's hints, but typically, it is able to be changed every 1-3 days.

What is intrasite gel price in Pakistan?

Instrasite gel price is Rs.1,384.75/-. You can get it easily from

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