Lantus Solostar Inj 100IU 5PFPx3ml


The Lantus SoloStar insulin pen is a dependable device for handling blood sugar levels efficiently with just one daily dose. It is designed to always deliver particular doses, making it a valuable resource in diabetes management.Lantus Solostar 100 IU/ml injection contains Insulin Glargine (100 IU) as its lively element. Insulin Glargine is mainly indicated for once-every-day subcutaneous management in the treatment of adult and pediatric patients with Type I Diabetes Mellitus.Lantus is formulated with insulin glargine, an insulin analogue that offers a prolonged length of action. This means that it stays effective over an extended period, presenting solid blood sugar management. Lantus may be administered at any time of the day, making it a handy preference for people managing diabetes.


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Long Acting Insulin


Insulin Glargine



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Sanofi Aventi

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Pack of 1 vial Injection

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  • Indication: Lantus Solostar Inj is used to enhance blood sugar control in people with diabetes mellitus.
  • Dosage: Follow your healthcare company's commands for the correct dosage and management.
  • Storage: Store Lantus Solostar Inj in a cool, dry location to maintain its effectiveness.
  • Habit Formation: Lantus Solostar Inj is not dependency-forming.
  • Sedation: It no longer serves sedation.
  • Child Safety: Child safety measures must be found while storing this remedy.
  • Route of Administration: Lantus Solostar Inj is administered orally.

While Lantus Solostar Inj is generally well tolerated, a few people may additionally revel in its aspect results. These can consist of:

  • A Rash Over Your Whole Body: Rarely, a rash covering the whole body can also occur.
  • Trouble Breathing: Some users might also enjoy issues with respiration.
  • A Fast Heartbeat: A rapid heartbeat may have a capability aspect impact.
  • Sweating: Sweating may arise in some individuals.
  • Swelling of Your Face, Tongue, or Throat: Swelling of facial features and the throat is a probable facet effect.
  • Shortness of Breath: Shortness of breath may be skilled.
  • If any of these side effects persist or get worse, consult your healthcare company for guidance.

How does Lantus Solostar Inj manipulate blood sugar levels?

Lantus Solostar Inj incorporates insulin glargine, which allows blood sugar levels to be adjusted over an extended period.

Can Lantus Solostar Inj be used for Type II Diabetes Mellitus?

Lantus Solostar Inj may be prescribed for Type II Diabetes Mellitus. Consult your healthcare provider for personalized guidance.

What is the recommended storage situation for Lantus Solostar Inj?

Store Lantus Solostar Inj in a cool and dry region.

Are there any nutritional restrictions while taking Lantus Solostar Inj?

There are typically no unique nutritional restrictions associated with Lantus Solostar Inj. Follow your health practitioner's recommendation for a balanced food regimen tailored for your diabetes control.

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