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Lipiget i.e. Atorvastatin is used to lower blood lipids known as cholesterol and triglycerides when a low-fat diet and lifestyle changes have failed. If you have a greater risk of heart disease, Atorvastatin Actavis can also be used to reduce this risk, even if your cholesterol levels are normal. During treatment, you must follow a normal cholesterol diet.

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  • For adults (over 18 years old) 1 tablet of Lipiget 40 mg per day or as prescribed by the doctor. 
  • Lipiget 40 mg is not recommended for children (under 17 years). 
If you have any questions about Lipiget 40 mg, contact your doctor.

  • Severe allergic reaction that causes swelling of the face
  • tongue and throat, which can cause severe breathing difficulties
  • Severe illness with severe peeling and swelling of the skin
  • blisters on the skin, mouth, eyes and genitals, and fever
  • A rash with pinkish red spots, especially on the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet, which may blister, anorexia (loss of appetite), weight gain, low blood sugar (if you have diabetes, you must continue to monitor your blood). sugar nearby), nightmares, insomnia.

How long does it take for Lipiget Tab 40mg to lower cholesterol levels?

The time it takes to see a significant reduction in cholesterol levels varies from person to person. Some individuals may experience improvements within a few weeks, while others may take several months. 

Regular follow-ups with your healthcare provider will help determine the effectiveness of the medication.

Can Lipiget Tab 40mg be used for preventing heart disease?

Lipiget Tab 40mg is often prescribed to reduce the risk of heart disease in individuals with high cholesterol levels. 

However, its primary role is in managing cholesterol levels. Other lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet and regular exercise, are also essential for heart disease prevention.

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