Mefnac DS Tablet is a trusted treatment in conflict in opposition to numerous sorts of aches and inflammation. This pharmaceutical surprise is extensively recognized for its efficacy in assuaging moderate to slight discomfort stemming from a number of assets, together with rheumatic, muscular, or arthritic conditions, as well as trauma, headaches, dental pain, and postoperative or post-childbirth discomfort. 

The energetic factor, Mefenamic Acid, objectives the foundation causes of aches and irritation, presenting a speedy and enduring remedy. Mefnac DS Tablets are mainly designed to help people regain their nice of existence by reducing aches and infections. 

Whether it is that nagging headache, the persistent joint ache from arthritis, or up-surgery discomfort, these capsules work diligently to convey consolation and comfort.

Generic Category

Pain killer


Mefenamic acid



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Prescription Required



Efroze Chemical Industries

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Pack Form

Pack of 200 tablets

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  • Usage: Mefnac DS is your move-to choice for dealing with aches and inflammation. It can efficaciously treat rheumatic, muscular, or arthritic discomfort, accidents, complications, dental aches, and postoperative or submit-childbirth pain.
  • Storage: To maintain the efficiency and protection of Mefnac DS Tablets, shop them in a cool, dry region, far away from direct mild and moisture.
  • Habit Forming: These pills are non-dependency forming, making them a secure preference for pain alleviation without the chance of addiction.
  • Sedation: Mefnac DS Tablets do no longer set off sedation, so you can rely on them for comfort without drowsiness.
  • Child Safety: While these tablets are normally safe for personal use, they should be saved from the attain of children to save unintentional intake.
  • Route of Administration: Mefnac DS Tablets are administered orally, making them easy to take with a pitcher of water or food.

Mefnac DS Tablets are nicely tolerated by using a maximum number of individuals. However, as with every medicinal drug, some customers may additionally enjoy moderate side effects, which may also consist of:

Upset stomach

  1. Nausea
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Dizziness
  4. Headache

Is Mefnac DS Tablet safe for long-term use?

Yes, Mefnac DS can be used for longer periods under medical supervision. However, it's critical to follow your healthcare company's hints.

Are there any specific nutritional restrictions during the use of Mefnac DS?

You can take Mefnac DS with or without meals, but ingesting it with meals might also help lessen the probability of stomach disappointment.

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