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Mydosone Eye Drops is a well-known medication for the treatment of eye infections caused by bacteria, particularly conditions such as conjunctivitis. The drops for the eyes fall in the category of sulfa-based antibiotics and contain sulfacetamide as an active component. 

Sulfacetamide has the ability to stop the growth of the bacteria that cause the condition. It is important to remember the fact that mydosone eye drops were made to treat infections of the eye caused by bacteria exclusively.




Sodium Sulphacetamide 10%

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Remington Pharmaceutical

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Pack of 5ml of Drops

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  • Storage: In order to maintain the effectiveness of the Mydosone Eye Drops, keep the drops in an air-tight location and ensure that temperatures stay at or below 30 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, shield the medication from direct sunlight, since exposure to sunlight can impact its effectiveness.
  • Habit Formation: Mydosone Eye Drops are not habit-forming, giving the assurance that they won't cause dependence or addiction.
  • Sedation Eye drops don't cause sedation so they are appropriate for use without creating drowsiness.
  • Children's Safety Though these are typically safe for adult use, the drops must remain out of the reach of children to avoid accidental consumption or abuse.
  • Route of Administration It is important to understand that the Mydosone Eye Drops are intended for oral use.

  1. Although Mydosone Eye Drops are generally tolerated, there are some who might experience these negative consequences:
  2. A burning or stinging sensation that occurs in the eye area
  3. Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea)
  4. Conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva)
  5. Corneal Ulcers (open sores in the cornea)
  6. Mydriasis (dilation of the pupil)
  7. Hyperemia of the conjunctiva (enlarged blood vessels within the conjunctiva)
  8. Loss of spatial awareness (difficulty to focus on objects in the vicinity)

What are Mydosone Eye Drops utilized to do?

Mydosone Eye Drops can be used to treat eye infections caused by bacteria like conjunctivitis.

What should I do to store my Mydosone Eye Drops?

Store the droppers in a cool area that is below or at 30degC and keep them away against direct sun.

Could Mydosone Eye Drops become habit-forming?

These drops are not habit-forming and do not cause dependence.

Is Mydosone eye drops a safe product for kids?

Although generally suitable even for adult consumption, the liquids must remain out of the reach of children in order to avoid accidental consumption or abuse.

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