Myozyme Inf 50mg (Powder for Reconstitution) 1's


Product Name: Myozyme Inf 50mg (Powder for Reconstitution) 1's

Product Form: Infusion

Pack Size: 1's

Manufacturer: Sanofi Pvt Ltd

Generic Category: Artificial Enzyme

Ingredients: Alglucosidase alfa

Indication: Myozyme is used to treat adults, children and adolescents of all ages who have a confirmed diagnosis of Pompe disease.

Dosage:The recommended dosage of Myozyme is 20 mg per kg of body weight. It will be given to you once every 2 weeks.

Storage:Store in a refrigerator (2?øC ƒ?? 8?øC). After dilution, an immediate use is recommended. However, chemical and physical in-use stability hasbeen demonstrated for 24 hours at 2 to 8?øC when stored under protection from light.

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