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Neo Cotecxin DS Tablet is an important medicine ordinarily used to combat malaria, successfully assisting both adults and children. This pharmaceutical treatment consists of key additives, which fall below the category of antimalarial drugs. 

Its mechanism of movement includes binding to hemoglobin and the subsequent production of a poisonous compound, which plays a pivotal position in the eradication of the malaria parasite, thereby safeguarding red blood cells.

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Artemether + Lumefantrine



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Amson VaccinesPharma

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Pack of 6's Tablets

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  • Storage: It is imperative to shop Neo Cotecxin DS Tablet beneath 30°C. Additionally, this medicine needs to be protected against direct publicity to sunlight and moisture to maintain its efficacy.
  • Habit Forming: Neo Cotecxin DS Tab does no longer possess dependency-forming homes, making it a secure desire for malaria remedy.
  • Sedation: This medicine does not induce sedation, allowing people to keep their each day sports with no interference.
  • Child Safety: Neo Cotecxin DS Tab is taken into consideration as secure to be used in youngsters because it gives an effective solution for treating malaria in pediatric sufferers.
  • Route of Administration: Neo Cotecxin DS Tab is run orally, making sure of ease of use and absorption.

Neo Cotecxin DS Tab is normally properly-tolerated; but, like all remedies, it can have ability aspect outcomes. 

  1. Nausea.
  2. Vomiting.
  3. Diarrhea.
  4. Dizziness.

Q: Are there any unusual results of Neo Cotecxin DS Tab?

A: Common aspect effects may also include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or dizziness. If these signs and symptoms persist or get worse, it is beneficial to seek advice from your healthcare provider.

Q: Can Neo Cotecxin DS Tab cause any interactions with other medicines?

A: Yes, medicines can have interactions with Neo Cotecxin DS Tab. Ensure that your healthcare provider is aware of all the medicines you are taking to keep away from potential drug interactions.

Q: Is Neo Cotecxin DS Tab safe for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies?

A: It is essential to consult a healthcare expert in case you are pregnant, making plans to become pregnant, or breastfeeding earlier than the use of Neo Cotecxin DS Tab, as they can offer steering on its safety in such situations.

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