Olcuf Plus Syrup 120ml is a liquid medication provided in a 120ml bottle. While the specific active ingredients are not mentioned in the product name, the "Plus" suggests it contains a combination of multiple active ingredients. This syrup may be designed for addressing a variety of conditions, such as cough, cold, or other respiratory issues. 

The exact composition and purpose of Olcuf Plus Syrup can be found on the product packaging or by consulting a healthcare professional.

Attribute Description

Product Form

Generic Category

Active Ingredients (unspecified)

Bottle Volume

Suitable For

Recommended Dosage

Prescription Required

Olcuf Plus Syrup 120ml

Liquid Syrup


Ivy leaf + Thyme + Liquorice.


Individuals with specific medical conditions

As directed by healthcare provider or product instructions

Typically available without a prescription (over-the-counter)

  • Olcuf Plus Syrup 120ml is typically used for addressing various respiratory conditions or symptoms, such as cough and cold.
  • The recommended dosage and duration of use can vary based on the specific condition. Always follow the instructions provided by the healthcare provider or as indicated on the product packaging.
  • The side effects may vary depending on the active ingredients within the syrup. Consult with your healthcare provider or refer to the product packaging for information regarding potential side effects.
  • If you experience severe or unexpected side effects, discontinue use and seek medical attention.
  • Q1: What is the primary purpose of Olcuf Plus Syrup 120ml?
  • A1: Olcuf Plus Syrup is typically used to address various respiratory conditions, such as cough and cold. The specific purpose and usage may depend on the active ingredients in the syrup.
  • Q2: Can I obtain Olcuf Plus Syrup 120ml without a prescription?
  • A2: Yes, Olcuf Plus Syrup 120ml is typically available without a prescription and can be purchased over-the-counter.
  • Q3: Are there specific storage instructions for Olcuf Plus Syrup 120ml?
    • A3: Store the syrup in a cool, dry place and out of the reach of children. Follow any storage recommendations provided on the product packaging.
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