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Generic Category: Peritoneal Dialysis Solution
Ingredients: Calcium Chloride 2H2O 0.294G/1000ml
Strength: 1000ml
Pack Size: 1000ml
Prescription Required: No
Manufacturer: Otsuka Pakistan
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Pack Form: Pack of 1000ml Solution
Product Form: Solution
Product Type: Medicine
Key Highlights: Peritoneal dialysis (per-ih-toe-NEE-ul die-AL-uh-sis) is a way to remove waste products from your blood when your kidneys can't adequately do the job any longer. This solution helps in dialysis procedure & filters the blood in a different way .
Storage: Protect from sunlight and moisture. Store below 25C. Keep out of reach of children.
Habit Forming: No
Sedation: No
Child Safety: No
Route of Administration: Oral

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