Platrid Tabs is an essential medication used in helping to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks, especially among people who have a history of heart disease, heart attacks that have occurred recently, or strokes, or issues related to impaired blood circulation, for instance, peripheral vascular disorder. 

These tabs play an important part in making it less likely for heart attacks that can be life-threatening and ensuring healthier health of the heart for those who require it the most.

Product Name

Platrid (Clopidogrel) 75mg Tabs 10'S

Product Form


Pack Size



Sami Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd

Generic Category

Anti-Platelet Aggregation



  • Intended use: Platrid Tabs are mostly prescribed to people who have a background of cardiovascular disease heart attacks that have occurred recently and strokes, recent strokes, or peripheral vascular illness. They are an active measure to decrease the chance of suffering strokes and heart attacks.
  • Security Measures: Follow the directions of your physician carefully to ensure safety and effective usage.
  • Don't overdose the dosage recommended, because it can cause adverse reactions.
  • Inform your healthcare professional about any other medication you are taking to prevent potential interactions.
  • Storage: Storage of Platrid Tabs in a dry, cool place far from direct light and humidity in order to preserve their effectiveness.
  • Habit Formation: These tablets are not habit-forming. This makes them an ideal option for use over the long term according to the prescription.
  • Sedation: Platrid tabs don't cause sedation, which allows users to carry on their day-to-day activities without being drowsy.
  • Security for Children: Be sure that this drug is out of reach of children in order to avoid accidental consumption.
  • Route of Administration: Platrid Tabs are taken by mouth as well. They should be taken along with at least a glass of water as instructed by an experienced healthcare professional

  1. Simple Bruising or Bleeding
  2. Stomach.
  3. Diarrhea.
  4. Constipation.

How should I consume Platrid Tabs?

Follow your doctor's dosage guidelines and consume your medication with a glass of water. It's crucial to remain in line with your regimen.

Does Platrid Tabs be taken with other medication?

Discuss any possible interactions with your physician to ensure the safety of Platrid Tabs in conjunction with other medicines.

How should I take if have bleeding issues while using Platrid Tabs?

Get in touch with your doctor immediately if you notice unusual bleeding or swelling.

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