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Propofol Inj 200 mg is a fairly powerful intravenous anesthetic agent that is commonly utilized for the induction and maintenance of preferred anesthesia. It is significantly needed to result in and sustain sleep as a vital element of anesthesia during surgical procedures for adults who are older.

Additionally, it could be administered to adults prior to undergoing uncomfortable techniques if you want to promote relaxation and reduce cognizance. This extraordinary injectable emulsion, called Propofol Inj 200 mg, is a single-entry parenteral product (single affected person infusion vial) that consists of benzyl alcohol at a concentration of 1.05 mg/mL.



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General Anesthetic





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1 vial


Akhai Pharmaceuticals

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Pack of 1 Injection

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  • Pofol Inj is a pharmaceutical solution designed to facilitate relaxation and sleep before and during surgical procedures. Its primary function is to induce a state of calmness, ensuring a more comfortable experience for patients undergoing surgery.

Key Safety Points

  • Habit Forming: Pofol Inj is non-habit forming, eliminating concerns related to dependency or addiction.
  • Sedation: It does not cause sedation, allowing patients to return to their normal state after its effects wear off.
  • Child Safety: While not categorized as child-safe, Pofol Inj is administered under the supervision of healthcare professionals in surgical settings, ensuring its appropriate use.
  • Storage Guidelines: To maintain its efficacy, store Pofol Inj in a cool and dry environment. Adhering to proper storage conditions safeguards the quality of the medication.

  • Patients receiving Pofol Inj 200Mg might experience a temporary loss of consciousness during anesthesia administration, which is a normal effect monitored by healthcare providers.
  • Hypotension (low blood pressure) can occur but can be managed with appropriate medical interventions to ensure patient safety.
  • Burning sensation at the injection site might arise due to the nature of drug administration. However, this discomfort is typically short-lived and resolves on its own.
  • Prior to receiving Pofol Inj 200Mg, patients should discuss their medical history and potential drug interactions with their healthcare provider.


Here are some of the approved Propofol Drug interactions

  • Benzodiazepine: When Propofol is combined with 1,2-Benzodiazepine, the risk or severity of CNS depression can be heightened.
  • Abacavir: The combination of Propofol with Abacavir may lead to decreased Abacavir metabolism.
  • Abaloparatide: The risk or severity of adverse effects might increase when Propofol is combined with Abaloparatide.
  • Abametapir: Combining Abametapir with Propofol may result in elevated serum concentration of Propofol.
  • Abatacept: The metabolism of Propofol can experience an increase when Abatacept is used in combination with it.

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