Prodent Toothpaste 40gm is a specialized oral hygiene product falling under the category of Oral Hygiene. Each package contains a 40gm tube of toothpaste formulated to promote dental health and prevent cavities. The active ingredient, potassium nitrate at a concentration of 5%, underscores its efficacy in addressing tooth sensitivity. 

This toothpaste is thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive oral care solution. Notably, Prodent Toothpaste 40gm is available for purchase without the need for a prescription. 



Platinum Pharmaceuticals

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Pack of 40gm toothpaste

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potassium nitrate 5%


  • Prodent Toothpaste 40gm is a multi-purpose oral care product designed to serve two main functions: cavity prevention and reduction of pain arising from sensitive teeth (dentinal hypersensitivity). 
  • The inclusion of sodium fluoride in the formulation reinforces tooth strength and enhances resistance against decay caused by acid and bacteria.
  • Maintain the effectiveness of Prodent Toothpaste 40gm by storing it in a cool and dry location. Proper storage conditions contribute to its overall potency and efficacy.
  • This toothpaste is non-habit forming, signifying it does not lead to dependence or addiction.
  • Prodent Toothpaste 40gm does not induce sedation, ensuring its use doesn't interfere with daily activities.
  • While not specifically labeled as unsafe for children, this toothpaste is generally intended for all age groups. However, parental supervision and adherence to recommended usage are essential for children's safety. 

Common side effects of potassium nitrate may include:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Mild gum irritation

Note: Tooth sensitivity might initially increase after using toothpaste with potassium nitrate, but this typically subsides over time. If sensitivity persists or worsens, consult a dentist. 


Q1: What is Prodent Toothpaste 40gm used for?

A: Prodent Toothpaste 40gm serves as an oral hygiene product that prevents cavities and addresses tooth sensitivity.

Q2: How does Prodent Toothpaste 40gm reduce tooth sensitivity?

A: The presence of potassium nitrate in Prodent Toothpaste 40gm helps alleviate tooth sensitivity by calming nerve endings in the teeth.

Q3: Can I use Prodent Toothpaste 40gm for children?

A: Prodent Toothpaste 40gm is generally suitable for all age groups, but ensure parental supervision and appropriate usage for children.


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