Ranxine 500MG TABLET has Ranolazine as its main ingredient. Ranolazine is a type of medicine called an antianginal. The main indication for this medicine is the management of persistent angina. Angina pectoris is characterised by abrupt, acute chest discomfort that radiates to the left shoulder from the top of the heart. 

Angina-related chest discomfort can be effectively relieved with Ranxine Tab. You can conveniently buy it from Ailaaj, an online pharmacy in Lahore that provides affordable prices and alluring discounts. The well-known anti-anginal drug Ranexa (ranolazine) is recommended by medical specialists to treat chronic angina.


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Ranxine 500mg Tablet 30's

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Horizon Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd.

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Ranxine 500MG TABLET side effects might include a variety of things, such as: 

  • sudden loss of vision 
  • distorted vision 
  • eye discomfort or puffiness 
  • observing haloes surrounding lights.
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What is Ranxine 500MG TABLET used for?

Ranxine 500MG TABLET is used for the treatment of chronic angina, providing relief from associated chest pain.

Is Ranxine 500MG TABLET habit-forming?

No, Ranxine 500MG TABLET is not habit-forming, ensuring safe use without the risk of addiction.

How should Ranxine 500MG TABLET be stored to maintain its effectiveness?

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper storage of Ranxine 500MG TABLET to ensure its potency.

What should I do if I experience sudden vision changes while taking Ranxine 500MG TABLET?

If you experience sudden vision changes or discomfort, seek immediate medical attention for evaluation and appropriate action.

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