Reltus C&F syrup is a well-known medication utilized to treat dry coughs. It provides relief from these discomforting symptoms. In addition, it helps narrow blood vessels within the nasal passages, thereby alleviating nasal congestion. 

Reltus C&F Syrup can be described as a multi-faceted solution that does not just treat dry coughs but also eases symptoms of allergies such as dry eyes, a watery nose, and coughing. It's designed to increase general well-being and comfort in times of illness or allergies.

Generic Category

Cold Preparation Without Anti-Infective


Paracetamol 80mg/5ml



Pack Size


Prescription Required



Pharmatec Pakistan

Country of Origin


Pack Form

Pack of 100ml syrup

Product Form


Product Type


  • Reltus C&F Syrup can be used as an in-between remedy for the treatment of nasal congestion that is caused by the common cold.
  • To ensure the strength in the syrup needs to be kept in a dry and cool area, sheltered from harsh conditions.
  • This drug is non-habit-forming and is not sedating, making it safe for use on a daily basis without worries about dependence or the possibility of drowsiness.
  • Although Reltus C&F Syrup can be considered safe to usage, it should not be placed within reach of children to avoid accidental consumption.

Even though Reltus C&F Syrup generally is well-tolerated, certain users may experience slight adverse effects, such as:

  1. Nausea
  2. Dizziness
  3. Headache
  4. Dry mouth
  5. Afraid stomach

What is the recommended frequency to consume Reltus C&F Syrup to help with congestion and cough relief?

The duration and frequency of dosing of use can vary based on the individual's needs and the severity of the symptoms. Follow the instructions in the package or provided by your physician.

Do you think that Reltus C&F Syrups be used in conjunction with other medicines?

It's essential to speak with your physician prior to combining Reltus C&F Syrup any other medication to ensure there aren't any potential interactions.

Do you think Reltus C&F Syrup is appropriate to be used by children?

Reltus C&F Syrup is used by children, but the dosage must be decided in accordance with their weight and age, and it is recommended to follow the advice from a doctor.

Do you think Reltus C&F Syrup is suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing?

Breastfeeding or pregnant women need to consult with their physician prior to making use of Reltus C&F Syrup to assess the risks and benefits that could be associated with their particular circumstance.

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